Balneotherapy with mineral water in Pavel Banya

pavel-banya-03Pavel Banya is most known for its natural mineral springs. Mineral water in Pavel Banya is used in paid public and private baths for healing. Pavel Banya has nine hot springs with temperatures of around 50 degrees Celsius. Two of the hot springs serve strictly for medical purposes and frequently admit patients suffering from bone and joint disorders, orthopedic trauma, and central nervous system problems.

The mineral water of Pavel Banya is characterized by weak mineralization (low quantity of dry matter per liter, about 2 grams) and hyperthermality – 57 to 59 degrees Celsius at the spring. The water is rich of hydrocarbon, metasilicon, radon, and fluorine. The mineral water in Pavel Banya is a large reason for nearby country-inhabitants to visit. Every day, locals come to fill up cups and bottles of this water.




  • Flow rate – 16 ltr/sec
  • Temperature – 61 oC
  • Mineralization – 0,62 G/L
  • Radon – 22,8
  • Hydrogen sulphide – 0,7 MG/L
  • Metasilicons: 54 MG/L